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Training Administrators for
Graduate Medical Education

 Promoting excellence in management of
graduate medical education training
programs through certification.

2023 Assessment Cycle:

  • 2023 Certification Guide (coming soon)
  • 2023 TAGME Study Guide (coming soon)

Application submission – April 1-June 1
Application review/notification – Rolling through June 30

MOC late application submission – August 1-15

MOC late application review/notification – Rolling through September 15

Assessment scheduling – Beginning July 5 (upon application approval)

Assessment completion – July 11 – December 2
Retake completion – Through December 16


To ensure a comprehensive level of services, training, knowledge and leadership through certification for the administration of Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs for physicians-in-training.


News & Updates

TAGME Spotlight – Fall 2022

First Name Jennifer
Last Name Rodgers







Jennifer Rodgers, MS, C-TAGME, is the Director of Graduate Medical Education at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine.  Jennifer has been a part of the SIUSOM GME administrative team since 2010.  SIU SOM has almost 400 residents and fellows, 33 accredited programs, and 2 unaccredited fellowship programs.  The programs are distributed across five cities in central and southern Illinois.  The GME Office has a total of six team members, of which Jennifer supervises four of the staff.
Obtained TAGME in which year? 2019.  The GME office encourages our program administrators / coordinators to become TAGME certified, so I felt it was important to be certified myself.



SIU School of Medicine Supervisor of the Year -2019

ACGME GME Institutional Coordinator Excellence Award – 2022



SIU School of Medicine Equity Ambassador 

Member of AAMC Group on Resident Affairs

Currently participating in the AAMC GME Leadership Development Certificate Program



Photography, flower gardening, travel to national parks with family, girl scout leader, reading


Live Proctored Sessions

Assessment scheduling will begin July 5 (pending application approval) and the assessment may be taken between July 11 – Dec. 2, 2023.

C-TAGME Credential

All who have achieved initial certification may use C-TAGME while current.  To continue to utilize it successful maintenance of certification must be completed.

2022 Sussessful Candidates

Will receive a TAGME dri-fit, short sleeve shirt along with a Certificate of Completion.

TAGME Presentations

Should an organization of which you belong desire a TAGME presentation email 

2022 ACGME Award

GME congratulates the following for Manager/Coordinator Excellence:

  • Jennifer M. Rodgers, MS, C-TAGME

    Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
    Springfield, Illinois


Some Objectives of TAGME:

  • Promote the use of effective measurement tools to assess the competency of GME training administrators
  • Share knowledge, encourage educational opportunities, and personal and professional growth through continued advancements in the profession
  • Promote ethical principles and professional behavior in support of GME training programs for physicians-in-training
  • Uphold and support national educational standards for GME administration
  • Promote continuing development by providing a mechanism of recertification to individuals who continue to demonstrate their qualifications beyond the initial certification