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Training Administrators for
Graduate Medical Education

Promoting excellence in management of graduate medical education training programs through certification.

2020-21 Cycle Remainder:
Assessment completion – July 7, 2021 – December 3, 2021
Retake completion – Through December 17, 2021


2021-2022 TAGME Study Guide

(all assessment materials needed are contained in this document)


To ensure a comprehensive level of services, training, knowledge and leadership through certification for the administration of Graduate Medical Education (GME) programs for physicians-in-training.


News & Updates

GME Professionals Day

AHME’s Council of Program Administrators and Coordinators (COPAC) has designated Friday, August 20, 2021 as GME Professionals Day. ACGME Sponsoring Institutions as well as the Residency and Fellowship Programs they sponsor are encouraged to celebrate the important contributions made by the GME Professionals who staff your programs and central GME offices. The effective leadership and administration of graduate medical education is highly dependent on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes these individuals possess and the dedication they exhibit in supporting the designated institutional officials, program directors, faculty members, fellows, residents, and medical students with whom they interact. They play an important part in ensuring that each learner has the opportunity to realize their professional potential and establish a solid foundation to enter independent practice and pursue a long career providing excellent care. Please save this date and begin planning how your institution will recognize those who play such a critical role in all that we do in graduate medical education.

Live Proctored Sessions

Assessment scheduling will begin July 5 (pending application approval) and the assessment may be taken between July 7 – Dec. 3, 2021.

C-TAGME Credential

All who have achieved initial certification may use C-TAGME while current.  To continue to utilize it successful maintenance of certification must be completed.


Kellie Devney, C-TAGME

TAGME Spotlight

Kellie Devney has been the residency program coordinator at the University of Nebraska Medical Center Neurosurgery Training Program in Omaha, Nebraska for the last twenty-three years.  Kellie was the first neurosurgery coordinator and has served in that role throughout her entire time at UNMC. 

Kellie was part of the group that established the neurosurgery certification assessment tools and received her TAGME certification in 2009.   She is currently the Applications Committee Chair.  Kellie is a graduate of the University of Nebraska at Omaha and has earned certificates in Foundations of Management and Critical Management Skills from the University of Notre Dame.  She was just accepted into the University of Nebraska at Lincoln graduate program for public relations where she will be taking classes. 

“I have really enjoyed becoming more involved and having the opportunity to serve with TAGME, especially on the Applications Committee.  The personal and professional growth I’ve gained from serving on various TAGME committees is invaluable.”

Some Objectives of TAGME:

  • Promote the use of effective measurement tools to assess the competency of GME training administrators
  • Share knowledge, encourage educational opportunities, and personal and professional growth through continued advancements in the profession
  • Promote ethical principles and professional behavior in support of GME training programs for physicians-in-training
  • Uphold and support national educational standards for GME administration
  • Promote continuing development by providing a mechanism of recertification to individuals who continue to demonstrate their qualifications beyond the initial certification

2021 ACGME Award

TAGME congratulates the following for GME Manager/Coordinator Excellence:
  • Lowell Virginia (Jennie) Craft, MPPM, C-TAGME;
    University of Alabama Hospital – Birmingham, Birmingham, Alabama – Institutional
  • Jennifer L. Wilson, BA, C-TAGME; University of Vermont Medical Center; Burlington, Vermont; Family Medicine