Stay Certified

TAGME certification has set the standard for administrators, coordinators and managers since 2005. Successful attainment and maintenance of the C-TAGME credential provides employers, colleagues and the public with the assurance that certified individuals possess the necessary knowledge, experience and skills to perform their duties in a professional and competent manner.

2023 Certification Guide Coming SOON!


Candidates must satisfy specific eligibility requirements to embark on the journey toward maintenance of the C-TAGME credential.

When accessing the application portal, candidates should create an account using blue Register button, and then continue with the Apply button to launch the application form.

Although each TAGME certification assessment is completed under an “open-book” policy, it is critical that candidates remain able to demonstrate a high-level of familiarity with and an advanced understanding of the knowledge required to successfully manage accredited graduate medical education programs.

Utilizing their own device, candidates will log into the testing system using a unique login and password.  Candidates will be asked to share their screen so the proctor can monitor activity during the session.

The candidate may have printed copies of resources at the time of testing, as well as using electronic data.  Samples of resources are shown on this website.

Membership Has Its Benefits

Achieving the C-TAGME credential is accomplished through a combination of experience, continuous education and successfully earning a passing assessment result. For those seeking to maintain the credential, demonstration of personal professional activities through leadership or scholarship are added qualifications.
TAGME certification exhibits the readiness of the GME professional to utilize the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the job at an optimum level. Embarking on the path towards TAGME certification should be viewed as a serious commitment to professional development and a dedication to life-long learning.


Initial Certification or Maintenance of Certification: