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Get TAGME Certified

Registration for 2024 Assessment is OPEN!

2024 Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education Certification registration will be conducted online. It is a stream-lined process that includes registrant demographics, application information, educational credits, supervisor support, payment form, TAGME Statement of Commitment, etc.


TAGME Certification

As accreditation for medical training grows ever more complex, institutions require experienced, proven specialists who can navigate, document, report and understand the nuances of successful GME programs.

Join the over 1800 TAGME-certified professionals who exhibit their advanced competencies in and demonstrate a higher commitment to the role of residency and fellowship administrators, coordinators and managers in accredited ACGME and AOA programs.

Achieving the C-TAGME credential is a comprehensive process. It will expand your GME knowledge, prepare you for greater on-the-job responsibilities, enhances your professional image, reflects accomplishment, build self-esteem, and increases potential career advancement.

So…what are you waiting for?

After Registration

Certification Assessments

2024 certification assessments will be completed via online, live proctored sessions. Approved applicants will be able to schedule an assessment session on a date and time of their convenience and on their own computers. Testing of computer compatibility will be available in advance as well as immediate technical assistance (if needed) during the assessment session. Assessment sessions to be scheduled from July 15, 2024 - Dec. 6, 2024.


Membership Has Its Benefits

Achieving the C-TAGME credential is accomplished through a combination of experience, continuous education and successfully earning a passing assessment result. TAGME certification exhibits the readiness of the GME professional to utilize the skills and knowledge necessary to perform the job at an optimum level. Embarking on the path towards TAGME certification should be viewed as a serious commitment to professional development and a dedication to life-long learning.

Initial Certification or First Maintenance of Certification




Second MOC and thereafter