Have a question about TAGME certification?

As we move to the next phase of our initial certification and maintenance of certification annual cycle, we’ve collected a list of the most frequently asked questions received during the 2016 application window: TAGME FAQs .   Still don’t see the answer to your question?  Email us at

 What’s Next for Confirmed TAGME Applicants

Candidates seeking TAGME certification who have received confirmation of application acceptance should watch your email this week to receive detailed instructions to take the Qualifying Assessment. IMPORTANT:  In addition to the information below, the email will contain a link and log in/password to access the assessment. 

“You are scheduled to sit for the TAGME Qualifying Assessment from April 15 to May 15. You may choose any date or time that is convenient for you to complete this assessment.  You will have one chance during this time frame to complete the assessment within 210 minutes. There is no time allotted for breaks.   There are 100 questions on the assessment.   The Qualifying Assessment is designed to assess your knowledge of the global ACGME requirements.

TAGME would like to stress that it is your responsibility to be knowledgeable of the requirements and have copies of the resource documents available when you sit for the assessment. You will not be allowed to access the internet or email during the time you are taking the assessment. 

Below are the resources that you should have available during the assessment.  You can find additional information on the TAGME website.

ACGME programs:

  • ACGME Institutional Requirements, last revision September 28, 2014, effective July 1, 2015
  • ACGME Common Program Requirements, last revision September 28, 2014, effective July 1, 2015
  • ACGME Glossary of Terms
  • ACGME Policies and Procedures, February 6, 2016

Technical support will only be available Monday through Friday 8:00am to 6:00pm (EDT).  Support for the Assessment content (questions themselves) is not available.”

Specific contact information for technical support will also be contained in your instructions email.

Good Luck to all our candidates!


Application window for 2016 certification is now closed.

Next steps for candidates seeking Initial Certification:  Information and instructions to take the Qualifying Assessment (QA) will be sent in early April.  This online assessment must be completed between April 15, 2016 – May 15, 2016.  

Next steps for candidates seeking Maintenance of Certification: Information and instructions to complete the Certifying Assessment (CA) will be sent in early July, with a due date of 60 days from distribution.

The application window for 2017 certification will open 1/1/2017.

2015 Fall Assessment Results

TAGME is proud to introduce 14 new members who successfully passed assessments for initial certification. In addition, 50 current TAGME members completed the Maintenance of Certification assessment to keep the C-TAGME credential current for an additional 5 years. Congratulations to all!

Mary Jane Cahill Anesthesiology
Denise Mussehl Anesthesiology
LaDonna Epling AOA-GME Professionals
Julie Campbell Child Neurology
Amy Wolf Child Neurology
Rose Alden Diagnostic Radiology
Patti Horvath Diagnostic Radiology
Tammi Teeters-McDade Diagnostic Radiology
Denise Lesniak Emergency Medicine
Denise Toriani Emergency Medicine
Deborah Beezhold Family Medicine
Joan Cox Family Medicine
Kierstan Gardner Family Medicine
Stephanie Gates Family Medicine
Lucia Montemayor Lara Family Medicine
Kimberly Markwardt Family Medicine
Kathyln Smith Family Medicine
Mairanna Watson Family Medicine
Linda Ferrie Geriatric Medicine
Laura Giibson Geriatric Medicine
Angelia Berkley Geriatric Psychiatry
Amber Pearson Geriatric Psychiatry
Shiela Julin GME Professionals
Kristine Zimmerman GME Professionals
Carole Gorny Internal Medicine
Tammy Hill Internal Medicine
Teresa Kus Internal Medicine
Anna Manca Internal Medicine
Lorna Matos Internal Medicine
Sandra Ordonez Internal Medicine
Gail Wall Internal Medicine
Barbara Wanciak Internal Medicine
Sandra Yaich Internal Medicine
Rebecca Young Internal Medicine
Pamela Hritzkowin Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Mary Sarah Thanas Internal Medicine/Pediatrics
Maria Ann Prokop Neurological Surgery
Karen Saulle Neurological Surgery
Shannon Darrah Neurology
Joyce Mullins Neurology
Belinda Ortiz Neurology
Tanya Dorman OB/GYN
Sandra Kardos OB/GYN
Toni Haddad Ophthalmology
Wendy Schnitzer Ophthalmology
Sandra Vera Erby Orthopaedic Surgery
Vicky Norton Orthopaedic Surgery
Lisa Thompson Orthopaedic Surgery
Christine Tutsch Orthopaedic Surgery
Stacey Thompson Otolaryngology
Lisa LaChance Pathology
Rebecca Hasegawa Pediatrics
Elizabeth Payne Pediatrics
Mary Duke Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Kathy Hoh Plastic Surgery
Jeanne Watson Plastic Surgery
Deborah Anderson Psychiatry
Leigh Ann Barns Psychiaty
Pamela Searles Pulmonary Critical Care
S. Darlene Norton Surgery
Joan Reeser Surgery
Claire Travis Surgery
Quinn Turner Transitional Year
Beverly Shipman Urology

TAGME Congratulates

Julia Panzo and Tammy Stallings have been named recipients of the 2016 ACGME Award for GME Program Coordinator Excellence for their in-depth understanding of the accreditation process, excellent communication and interpersonal skills and projects to improve residency programs. They will be honored at the upcoming ACGME Annual Education Conference in National Harbor, MD in March, 2016.

TAGME is Changing to Meet Your Needs!

TAGME has certified graduate medical education professionals since 2005. During this time, many changes have developed in GME, and in August at the Annual TAGME Board of Directors meeting, TAGME moved in a direction that will allow our GME community to keep pace with these changes.
Click here to read more.

TAGME Continues to Move Forward

As the leader in certification for GME professionals since 2005, TAGME is acutely aware of and strives to keep pace with the evolution of graduate medical education. Along with changes to the certification process, TAGME has also modified its leadership structure. To ensure appropriate representation for all TAGME-certified coordinators, including those who will be globally certified, the leadership framework has been redesigned to reflect the ACGME Review Committee structure. Read more here.