Updates – 5/6/20

  • We’ve partnered with Survey Monkey APPLY this year to supply application services for the 2020 TAGME certification assessments. It’s an extremely straightforward and user friendly process. We anticipate a smooth workflow and will be accepting, reviewing and approving applications on a rolling basis beginning June 1, 2020. This is later than our initial target date but we want to ensure the best possible experience for candidates. Applications will be accepted through 7/31/2020.
  • TAGME is excited to share that all 2020 certification assessments will be completed via online, live proctored sessions. Approved applicants will be able to schedule an assessment session on a date and time of their convenience and on their own computers. Testing of computer compatibility will be available in advance as well as immediate technical assistance (if needed) during the assessment session. Much more coming soon on this in the updated 2020 Certification Guide. As of now, we’re targeting assessment sessions to be scheduled from August 1, 2020 through December 30, 2020.

Updates – 3/6/20

  • A huge thank you to all the current and potentially future TAGME members who stopped by the booth at the 2020 ACGME conference last week in San Diego, CA.. It was wonderful to re-connect with friends and answer questions for upcoming TAGME applicants.
  • The 2020 Eligibility Requirements for Initial and Maintenance of Certification (MOC) are now available on the About the Assessments page.
  • We’re still working on the details for scheduling and taking the 2020 TAGME Assessments. We hope to make testing available from mid-summer through the end of the year – stay tuned for more!
  • All assessment fees for 2020 must be paid by credit card (in US funds). No personal or institutional checks, money orders, bank transfers or Bitcoin will be accepted. Payments will be accepted via PayPal at the time of application submission. Applications received without payment will not be reviewed. Payment instructions will be provided in the live application beginning May 1, 2020.

Update 2/13Use of the C-TAGME credential

  • If you are currently certified, you may add C-TAGME after your name.
  • If you have recently achieved initial certification or MOC but haven’t yet received your certificate, you may add C-TAGME after your name.
  • If your certification lapsed on or before December 31, 2019, you may NOT continue using the C-TAGME credential. (This does not apply to the few 2019 MOC candidates unable to complete the MOC retake attempt due to technical issues in December.)
  • If your certification lapsed on or before December 31, 2019 and you plan to take the assessment in 2020, you should NOT continue using the C-TAGME credential. You will need to start over as an Initial applicant. If/when this assessment attempt is successful, you may reinstate your C-TAGME credential at that time.

    The TAGME credential is highly valued in the GME community and with good reason! Those achieving certification have worked very hard exhibit their knowledge and skills in the administration of residency and fellowship training programs. It is a credential to be proud of and valued.
    Therefore, any unsubstantiated or misuse of the credential is taken extremely seriously and may result in notification to the supervising GME office, temporary suspension of the member’s credential or immediate revocation and permanent suspension of the C-TAGME credential.

Updates – 1/28/20

  • 2020 TAGME certification registration and assessment information will be posted soon. We are seeking to partner with a new vendor to improve the application and test-taking experience for all candidates. We anticipate completion of this process in a few weeks and can then move forward to create a schedule.
  • Certificates and membership pins for candidates passing assessments between 11/1/19-12/31/19 can expect their official TAGME certificates and pins by mid-February.
  • If attending the 2020 ACGME Educational Conference (2/27-2/29), be sure to stop by and visit TAGME Booth 216 to say hello or get your questions answered.

2019 Certification Results

We are pleased and proud to present the 189 initial candidates that have successfully achieved TAGME certification and the 66 TAGME members maintaining TAGME membership by successfully completing the Maintenance of Certification assessment. Click on the links for the complete lists. Congratulations to all!

2019 TAGME Certification Assessment Pass Rates

Wear It Proud!

Demonstrate your certification achievement and commitment to excellence in GME with our newly designed membership pin. High-quality, gold-plated cloisonne pin measures 1.25″ with a butterfly back clasp and a velvet storage pouch.  Available only to currently certified members, limit of 1 per certification cycle. $9.00 USD includes tax and shipping.


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Considering TAGME certification?

As accreditation for medical training grows ever more complex, institutions
require experienced, proven specialists who can navigate, document, report
and understand the nuances of successful GME programs.

Join the over 1800 TAGME-certified professionals who exhibit their advanced competencies in and demonstrate a higher commitment to the role of residency and fellowship administrators, coordinators and managers in accredited ACGME and AOA programs.

Achieving the C-TAGME credential is a comprehensive process. It will expand your GME knowledge, prepare you for greater on-the-job responsibilities, enhances your professional image, reflects accomplishment, build self-esteem, and increases potential career advancement. So…what are you waiting for?