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Important Notice: TAGME will not be offering initial certification for Fall 2015 due to
pending changes in the certification process that will be discussed and voted upon
at the Board of Director's meeting in August, 2015. Maintenance of certification and
retakes will be offered.

TAGME Board of Director's Meeting August 3-4, 2015
Salt Lake City, UT

Well Done and Welcome! TAGME extends a heartfelt congratulations to all newly
certified and re-certified members successfully completing theFall 2014 assessments:


Dee'D Ferman, C-TAGME
Gabriela Pinto, C-TAGME
Jennifer White, C-TAGME
Trina Kropka, C-TAGME
Debra Machak, C-TAGME
Child Neurology
Ann Chowdhury Johnson, C-TAGME
Diagnostic Radiology
Linda Erickson, C-TAGME
Tina Rapstine, C-TAGME
Sherry Bucholz, C-TAGME
Pauline Marek, C-TAGME
Lynn Lammers, C-TAGME
Katherine Dixon, C-TAGME
Glena Clarke, C-TAGME

Emergency Medicine
Kristin Panicello, C-TAGME
Gretchen Lynch, C-TAGME
Jennifer Cohen, C-TAGME
Cindy Rush, C-TAGME
Claribel Velasquez, C-TAGME
Stephanie Morville, C-TAGME
Lisa Turner, C-TAGME
Kimberly Brown, C-TAGME
Family Medicine
Patty L. Irwin, C-TAGME
Anika Gordon, C-TAGME
Dawn Demenagas, C-TAGME
Tanya Keenan, C-TAGME
Lynn Flanagan, C-TAGME
Kimberly Sixkiller, C-TAGME
Denise Kemp, C-TAGME
Kelly Dallavalle, C-TAGME
Jennie Faulkner, C-TAGME
Katheryn Wilson Schmidt, C-TAGME
Pamela Sullivan, C-TAGME
Alicia Crispin, C-TAGME
Sandi Miller, C-TAGME
GME Professionals
Lauren McGuire, C-TAGME
Marie Wegamen Ray, C-TAGME
Janet Ferguson, C-TAGME
Doreen Appenzeller, C-TAGME
Leslie Caulder, C-TAGME
Karen McCausland, C-TAGME
Vicki Hamm, C-TAGME
Patricia Craft, C-TAGME
Liza Dominioni, C-TAGME
Sonya Williams, C-TAGME
Martha Anderson, C-TAGME
John Rouch, C-TAGME
Dawn Marie Kelly, C-TAGME
Internal Medicine
Simonn Alrihani, C-TAGME
Misty Michelle Hodel, C-TAGME
Linda Colosi, C-TAGME
Deena Segal, C-TAGME
Cara Giacomo, C-TAGME
Rachelle Aker, C-TAGME
Susan Bunting, C-TAGME
Michael Farca, C-TAGME
Yamile DiCanio, C-TAGME
Kelly Spielmann, C-TAGME
Michelle Griffin, C-TAGME
Padmini Ekbote, C-TAGME
Teri Yeager, C-TAGME
Joanne Battaglia, C-TAGME
Holly LiVecche, C-TAGME
Cheryl Moss, C-TAGME
Internal Medicine/Peds
Kelly Barnes, C-TAGME
Deborah Harris, C-TAGME
Silviya Eaton, C-TAGME
Doris Boehle, C-TAGME
Vanya Sagar, C-TAGME
Mary Phelan, C-TAGME
Clara Vigelette, C-TAGME
Kristin Stacy, C-TAGME
Maria Scofield, C-TAGME
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Aimee Moynihan, C-TAGME
Anne Key, C-TAGME
Jennifer Cooperrider, C-TAGME
Kiley Alpert, C-TAGME
Danika Talbert, C-TAGME
Pamela Carpenter, C-TAGME
Amber Hobart, C-TAGME
Tammy Stallings, C-TAGME

Orthopedic Surgery
Kelly Fearer, C-TAGME
Karen Denny, C-TAGME
Carmen Fuente, C-TAGME
Phyllis Velez, C-TAGME
Anita Weinhoeft, C-TAGME
Janice Brunks, C-TAGME
Julie Brown, C-TAGME
Carolyn Holtman, C-TAGME
Fran Nelson, C-TAGME
Julia Panzo, C-TAGME
Amber Cox, C-TAGME
Beckt Smith, C-TAGME
Annette Lemire, C-TAGME
Marcie Dorchster, C-TAGME
Victoria Anderson, C-TAGME
Betty Leslie Warner, C-TAGME
Stephanie Brown, C-TAGME
Debra Harris, C-TAGME
Amy Motta, C-TAGME
Patricia Braund, C-TAGME
Kathleen Pitisi, C-TAGME
Shirlene Sherry Edwards, C-TAGME
Jory Eaton, C-TAGME
Joe Heimer, C-TAGME
Claire Sanzone, C-TAGME
Marcie Sparks, C-TAGME
Elizabeth Bogedain, C-TAGME
Robin Dalrymple, C-TAGME
Ashley Lynn, C-TAGME
Jamie Bruse, C-TAGME
Penny Adams, C-TAGME
Susan Quintana, C-TAGME
Avis Grainger, C-TAGME
Kathy Goodson, C-TAGME
Lorrayne Garcia, c-TAGME
Daine Skeen, C-TAGME
Melodie Allison, C-TAGME
Cynthia Gibson, C-TAGME
Jean Ashley, C-TAGME
Laurie Ashenbrenner, C-TAGME
June Daily, C-TAGME
Denise Alton, C-TAGME
Pediatric Emergency
Stephanie Grundy, C-TAGME
Physical Medicine & Rehab
Yana Spedale, C-TAGME
Cherie Packard, C-TAGME
Coretha Davis, C-TAGME
Leticia Fulgencio, C-TAGME
Terri Isbell, C-TAGME
Kimberly Garza, C-TAGME
Cynthia Grogg, C-TAGME
Dorothy Bexler, C-TAGME
Carol Regan, C-TAGME
Dorothy Winkler, C-TAGME
Dawn Fountain, C-TAGME
Ruth Nawotniak, C-TAGME
Donna Turovac, C-TAGME
Kim Molteg, C-TAGME
Kelly Stone, C-TAGME
Linda Shaffer, C-TAGME
Cathi Cooney, C-TAGME
Sandy DelCoglin, C-TAGME
Laura Lee Warner, C-TAGME
Molly Burke-Poole, C-TAGME
Transitional Year
Barbara Stowell, C-TAGME
Debora Schilling, C-TAGME
Tamika Williams, C-TAGME
Lora Dempsey, C-TAGME
Lyn Vass, C-TAGME
Bonnie Fultz, C-TAGME

Question about TAGME? Find the latest version of our Policies & Procedures Manual HERE

Mission: To assure a comprehensive level of services, training, knowledge and leadership through certification for the administration of graduate medical education programs

Vision: The National Board for Certification of Training Administrators of Graduate Medical Education programs has been created to establish standards for the profession, to acknowledge the expertise needed to successfully manage graduate medical education programs, and to recognize training program administrators who have achieved competence in all fields of their profession.