Interested in serving on a TAGME working group?

  • Applications
  • Assessments
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Nominations
  • Policy & Procedure


Responsible for reviewing and approving applications received for initial certification, maintenance of certification (MOC) or retake applications. Review and update of the certification guide.


Provide oversight for annual revision and review of the certification assessment tools and adherance to TAGME standards for initial testing and MOC. 


Monitor TAGME revenue, expenditures and prepare annual budget for review and approval. Analyze and submit recommendations to BoD of financial impact of policies, practices and procedures. 


Develop strategies on how to promote TAGME, generate interest and communicate information to members and potential members.  Prepare annual marketing budget. 


Recommend candidates for election to the Board of Directors and Committees of TAGME. 

Policy & Procedure

Participants help the BoD review for improvement and updates to existing policies and suggest new procedures as applicable for improvement.