About the Assessments

Register for initial or MOC assessments: tagme.certifior.com

IMPORTANT: To ensure all communications are received regarding certification registration and scheduling, candidates must provide a NON-INSTITUTIONAL email address when creating the registration profile.

Credit card payment for assessment fees can be made below via Paypal.  Institutional/personal checks and money orders will also be honored (see details in the Certification Guide below).  No applications will be approved for assessment scheduling until payment is processed. 





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2019 TAGME Certification Guide
Our new Guide will navigate you through the entire process to become
TAGME certified or to achieve Maintenance of Certification. 


Where Do I Take My Assessment?

For 2019, TAGME has partnered with a test-delivery vendor to proctor and administer the certification assessments. Candidates will be able to schedule their Initial, MOC or Retake assessment at any of Assessment Systems 200+ testing site locations. 
To preview test site locations, visit Assessment Systems


Upon application approval, candidates will receive information to schedule the certification exam. The system will automatically present 3 options closest to the zip code entered. Hours and days of operation will be shown for each location as well as the specific street address. 


Resource documents for 2019 Assessments

Listed below are the sources used to develop the TAGME 2019 Certification Assessments and cumulatively represent the entire body of knowledge required for successful completion of the Initial or Maintenance of Certification assessments.  Printed copies of these documents may be brought into the testing session.  PDF copies will also be available onscreen during the assessment session. 
Please note: there is no official study guide or published handbook that TAGME recommends or endorses for certification preparation. The resources listed here are publicly available and copyrighted to the respective entities.
The use of writing utensils, laptop computers, tablets, smartwatches, or phones, is not allowed during testing. 


ACGME CLER Pathways to Excellence  V1.1
ACGME Common Program Requirements 2019 – Fellowship
ACGME Common Program Requirements 2019 – Residency  
ACGME CPR Implementation Tables 2019
ACGME Glossary of Terms 2018
ACGME Institutional Requirements 2018                                      
ACGME Institutional Review FAQs 2018                              
ACGME Other Misc Documents
ACGME Self-Study Documents
ACGME Site Visit FAQs   
ECFMG Information Booklet 2019    
GME Track and FRIEDA Database Documents
National Resident Matching Program Documents