About the Assessments

There are no study guides or textbooks to read. Your knowledge of the day to day management of a residency or fellowship training program is the majority of preparation for the TAGME certification assessments. There are two components of the certification process: the Qualifying Assessment (formerly the Monitored Assessment Tool/MAT) and the Certifying Assessment (formerly the Work Effort Tool/WET).

The Qualifying Assessment (QA) The QA is a 3.5 hour, internet-based, open book evaluation that will assess your knowledge of the ACGME or AOA requirements for the successful maintenance of a residency or fellowship training program. The open book approach reflects an underlying TAGME philosophy: that the crucial skill of the program administrator is the ability to find the answer; not the necessity of having instant recall. The QA is comprised of 100 randomly-selected multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. In some instances, citations are required in support of answers. When taking the QA, candidates should have the necessary resource documents on hand as the assessment is provided within a secure browser format. Results are available shortly after completion. A score of 80% or greater is required to be eligible for the Certifying Assessment.

Upon successful review of the application packet, an email link and detailed instructions to complete the QA will be emailed to candidates. All QAs must be completed, at a time of the candidate’s choosing, within a single, 3.5 hour session between the dates specified in the email. ┬áNo extensions, no exceptions.

The Certifying Assessment (CA) The CA is designed to assess knowledge of how your residency or fellowship training program functions, as well as your ability to find and access information relative to graduate medical education. Candidates who successfully complete the QA will receive the CA via email in May. Also in open-book format, the CA is comprised of 55 narrative and matching questions. Candidates will have 8 weeks to complete and return the assessment to TAGME. A score of 80% or greater is necessary for successful completion. No extensions, no exceptions.

Knowledge Content Areas Candidates can expect these content areas to be addressed on either or both assessments: Academic curriculum

  • Required annual surveys (your understanding of the different annual reports such as WEB-ADS and GME Track for ACGME programs; Opportunities and TIVRA for AOA programs.
  • Milestones and competencies
  • Evaluations
  • Clinical Competency Committees
  • Procedure/case logs
  • Site visits
  • Web site navigation and governing bodies
  • Milestones reporting
  • ACGME/AOA policies and procedures
  • Recruitment and recruitment tools

Resource Documents TAGME expects certification candidates to have access to and be knowledgeable of the information contained within these resource documents (most current versions) for the QA and CA completion:

For ACGME programs:

  • ACGME Common Program Requirements
  • ACGME Institutional Requirements
  • ACGME Glossary of Terms
  • ACGME Policies and Procedures
  • Acronyms

For AOA programs:- Basic Documents for Postdoctoral Training

  • Basic Documents for Osteopathic Postdoctoral Training Institutions
  • AOA Alphabet Soup

Successful Completion Candidates achieving an 80% or greater score on both the QA and CA will receive formal notification (via email) of certification and TAGME membership in October. Certificates will be mailed in November and regardless of their exact dates of issuance, are considered to expire after 5 years on December 31st. To prevent lapse in certification, TAGME strongly encourages members to begin the process of re-certification (Maintenance of Certification) in January of the year the certification is due to expire.

Unsuccessful Completion In the event you are not successful on your first attempt, you will have one opportunity to retake the assessment(s) during the subsequent year at no additional cost. Only the tool(s) scoring less than 80% need to be repeated. Candidates must fully re-apply and pay an additional registration fee of $315.00 after two consecutive unsuccessful attempts.

Good luck and congratulations on your decision to pursue TAGME certification as a part of your personal professional development!